Frequently Asked Questions
What is the minimum age for meeting a girl on this site?
Answer : The minimum age requirement for joining is 18. This is true of both men and women living in the United States or the Philippines. We do not have a maximum age limit as love is boundless and comes to the young -- and the young at heart.
Why can't I see the Join Now registration screens?
Answer : PinayCupid is exclusively available for men living in the United States and women living in the Philippines. If you are unable to access the registration and member package screens, it is because you are not located in the United States (for men) or the Philippines (for women). Although we receive thousands of registration requests from men and women throughout the world, we only accept men who live in the United States and women who live in the Philippines.
Can I login to PinayCupid even if I'm outside the United States or the Philippines?
Answer : Absolutely. PinayCupid was designed so that once your membership has been authorized, you can login to the portal from anywhere in the world. For our Pinay members living the Philippines but travel outside the Philippines, simply use your standard User Name and Password and login from any country where Internet access is available. For the gents, so long as your membership is active, you can login from anywhere in the world, even when you are in the Philippines.
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